Backtesting with less time and efforts using StrategyTune

  • Start backtesting with a click of a button
  • Play/pause, jump forward and back, speed from 1x to 50,000x
  • Real bid/ask prices with precise time
  • Save progress and resume anytime where you left off
  • All this experience with TradingView chart
* App under development, only preview is available.


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Instant Access

Just click Play to start backtesting

Historical price data from the cloud makes it easy to start fast.

  • No download or installation required
  • Years of historical data available instantly
  • Use on any device from your browser
  • History based on tick-by-tick data for precise backtesting
Time Control

Full Control Over the Timeline

With StrategyTune, controlling time in backtesting is as easy as using a video player. Jump back in time allows you too fix mistake without restarting backtesting.

  • Replay history with controlled speed from 1x to 50,000x
  • Jump forward on timeline to skip bars or to specific time
  • Jump back in time to fix a mistake or replay sepcific period
  • Change timeframe during backtesting
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Cloud storage

Store/Share Results and Progress

Securely save every step of your backtesting journey in the cloud and share insights with just a click.

  • Backtesting progress is automatically saved in the cloud
  • Continue your work at any time from where you left it
  • Share your work with others


What is backtesting?

Backtesting is a method used by traders to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of trading strategies based on historical data. By simulating trades using past market data, traders can discover how a strategy would have performed in the past. This process helps in identifying and refining strategies before applying them in live trading environments. Backtesting is essential for verifying theoretical trading approaches and adjusting parameters to improve future outcomes

Why is it important to backtest your strategy?

Backtesting is crucial for several reasons:

  • Risk Reduction: By testing strategies with historical data, traders can identify potential flaws and fine-tune them before risking real money.
  • Performance Insights: It provides clear insights into how a strategy would have performed under different market conditions, helping traders understand the potential profitability and risk associated with their methods.
  • Strategy Optimization: Backtesting allows traders to adjust strategy parameters and optimize their approach based on empirical data, enhancing potential returns.
  • Confidence Building: Having empirical evidence that a strategy has performed well in the past under similar conditions can boost a trader's confidence in applying it in real markets.
How does StrategyTune help?

StrategyTune is designed to maximize a trader's efficiency by minimizing the time spent on non-decision-making activities. Our platform integrates comprehensive charting tools with powerful trading capabilities, eliminating the need for multiple applications such as separate charting software and Excel spreadsheets. With StrategyTune, everything you need for effective backtesting and strategy development is consolidated into one seamless, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to focus on refining your strategies and making informed trading decisions.

Why is the app in development but accessible to users?

We believe in the value of early user feedback to ensure that StrategyTune meets the specific needs of our trading community. By making the app accessible during its development phase, we can gather insights and suggestions directly from users. This feedback is crucial for refining features, enhancing usability, and addressing any issues early on. Our goal is to create a robust and user-centered backtesting platform, and engaging with our users from the start helps us achieve that more effectively. To leave your feedback, go to the app preview and find Feedback button at the top.

When will the app be fully available?

Currently, there is no set ETA as our development timeline is flexible to accommodate thorough testing and integration of user feedback. We invite you to explore the preview version available now and join us in shaping the future of this platform. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and official launch announcements. You might subscribe below for app updates.